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By accessing our website Vape-compare.co.uk and by using our online  services, you hereby agree to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy. Please take your time and read carefully these terms and conditions found below. In our terms and conditions, “Vape Compare”, “we”, “us” means the owners of the website vape-compare.co.uk, which is Search Intelligence Ltd, and “you”, website user”, “e-cigarette buyer” means the individuals that are accessing and using our website vape-compare.co.uk.

General Terms and Conditions

Vape Compare website was built by and is the property of Search Intelligence Ltd. Access to and use of Vape Compare website is governed by the terms and conditions from this page. By accessing vape Compare, you indicate your assent to be bound by these terms and conditions, and your acknowledgement of the conditions and agreement to it’s terms.

The services that we provide

Vape compare provides free comparison services to be used by individuals with the intention of buying electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories. It provides a shopping search and information service helping you in finding the best deals from dozens of retailers.


The inclusion of any e-cigarette retailer on Vape Compare is not in any way a warranty by us that the vendor will perform its obligations under any transaction you enter into.  Please make sure you carefully read the retailer’s terms and conditions before you make any purchase on their website. Vape Compare is not liable for any losses caused by any vendor presented on our website. By using Vape Compare you agree and you confirm that you have understood this.

Privacy Policy

By using Vape Compare, you are giving your consent to our Privacy Policy, please take your time to read it before you proceed.

Access to Vape Compare

Vape Compare and the services it provides can be used for free by any individual (from outside the blocked countries) with the intention of searching for e-cigarette related products and comparing product prices. Malicious intentions will be automatically monitored and the IP address and any other footprint will be identified, reported to relevant online services/authorities, and the access to our website will be instantly blocked by our systems.  Access to Vape Compare is blocked in several countries that are either irrelevant to our services or pose a security threat to our website.  We reserve the right to block any user or IP address for any reason, without giving any explanation. By using our website and our services you agree to this.


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