Price API

We are pleased to offer a unique price API to our users, for free. Whether you are an e-cigarette blogger,  an e-cigarette vendor or an affiliate empire owner and you need to display on your website the updated prices of  the UK based e-cigarette vendors, you can use our API for free on your website. And it’s simple to integrate: just copy/paste the code wherever you want the price to appear.

What can you use the API for?

If you are an e-cigarette blogger, you know very well that the price of the products you are reviewing is an important factor that your users are considering when searching for e-cigarette products. Our API has been built to be the best solution for e-cigarette bloggers to display the prices of their reviewed products. And it can be included within any article and any website anywhere you want within your content via a simple copy/paste.

Here is a live example of the API in action, for this product :

Your reviewed product’s price is £ and here is the rest of the content from your blog.

Please note that the above price is displayed via our API, and it will automatically change as the seller will change their price. Here is how the above price was displayed:

Your reviewed product’s price is £[copy/paste code here] and here is the rest of the content from your blog.

Please use the widget below to generate the API code for the product you want to display on your website. Simply enter your website and the url you want to monitor the price for, and generate the code:

Generate and paste the code anywhere on your website (incl. article text):

Price API Generator

Any problems with this? Contact us

We have more than 5K products in our database from more than 50 UK based sellers. Our API will work perfectly and will display the prices for the 5K+ products with incredible accuracy, so feel free to use this free service anywhere on your website.

Please make sure you enter a product URL from one of the vendor websites already in our database, and to make sure the code will work properly with all occasions, please enter your website as well - we'll send a crawler to analyse it in a few milliseconds and we'll optimize the code around your website.

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