Innokin Cool Fire 2

Innokin Cool Fire 2 is a great vaping device, being renowned specifically for it’s extra features and the eye catching, grenade shape exterior that makes it really unique in design. We can say that Innokin hit the jackpot with this advanced e-cigarette kit. It is robust,  it’s got a great variable wattage feature (up to 12.5W), LED battery power indicator,  7A fuse,  battery safety protection,  and many other amazing features that makes this advanced vaping device stand out of the crowd.

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Innokin Cool Fire 2 Kit with iCle

2015-08-22 11:29:49
Cool Fire 2 | Grenade Ecig | Phoe

2015-08-22 12:39:57
Innokin Itaste Cool Fire II - Cle

2015-09-21 03:34:45
Innokin Cool Fire 2 Exclusive

2015-08-22 10:25:57